@ What is Recreational Cricket Association?
Recreational Cricket Association (RCA) was founded in March 2002 as a member of Japan Cricket Association (JCA), a non-profit organization.
As to take over the work that JCA development department had energetically done since 2000, RCA carries out 5 main activities as follows:
Promoting cultural understandings
RCA provides students from elementary to high school with various gcultural studyh programs.
Support in international exchange programs
In order for international exchange programs to be successful, RCA searches with those program members living all over Japan, and engages in various supporting activities.
Participating in recreational events
As a member of National Recreation Association of Japan, RCA receives various kinds of information. Using the information, it will actively participate in events, competitions, seminars, etc. throughout the country.
Authorizing certificates and organizing seminars
With new sports seminars by prefectural divisions of Recreation Associations of Japan at the head, RCA is planning to organize seminars and to set certification systems. Alongside, it will prepare for setting up branch offices.
Selling kits and other products
RCA sells products such as a kit called gEasy Cricketh and Japanese sub-titled video gThis is Cricketh, for those who wish to be more familiar with the sport.
As choosing Easy Cricket, different from Hardball Cricket, RCA wishes to introduce the sport especially to the beginners, from children to elderly. Its basic concept is gCricket to play, to learn and to promote.h We seek for your support.


RCA stands with the volunteer spirit.
It consists of the passion and the goodwill of its staff who would like to help popularize cricket and make friends with local children and people.
You could cry out, gCricket is an internationally well-known sport with 200 years of history,h but the fact is that the sport is totally unknown in Japan. While trying hard to follow the authentic, traditional style, the past efforts have caused false recognition, and failed to popularize the sport.
I started RCA with a new approach, different from what Japan Cricket Association have tried before. That is, to introduce cricket as a recreation of flexible nature.
Let's try this, though the real rule says that.
We'll change it this way today, though that's the normal way.

RCA's main concept is gto play, to learn and to spread.h
We begin from where we can play and have fun, not from learning difficult rules. Won't you come and play with us?
Feel free to talk to us because RCA has full of people who love to play.

One day I would like to play all together with thousands of people.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@President@Kenny MATSUMURA@